daily 100 rupees earnaing app without investment apk

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daily 100 rupees earnaing app without investment apk, If you’re seeking apps to generate a daily supplementary income or pocket money, you’re in luck! We’ve curated a list of apps that allow you to earn more than 100 rupees daily without any initial investment. These user-friendly apps make it easy for you to make the most out of them, offering a simple way to earn extra income, be it 10, 20, 50, or even more than 100 rupees daily.

Earning apps are mobile applications that offer users opportunities to earn rewards, money, and cashback. Users can earn in various ways, such as completing tasks, participating in online surveys, writing app reviews, playing money-making games, watching videos, or engaging in affiliate marketing. Many daily money-earning apps also provide referral and affiliate programs, allowing users to earn extra by sharing these apps with friends and family members.

These apps can be a great way to make some pocket money in your spare time. However, it’s essential to have realistic expectations about your earning potential. Most earning apps pay a small amount per task, so accumulating a significant sum can require time and effort.

daily 100 rupees earnaing app without investment apk

The ascent of digital technology has made it feasible to earn money through online money-earning apps without any initial investment costs. These apps provide opportunities to enhance income and earn extra cash through mobile devices.

Below are some efficient methods for earning money through the best 100 rupees earning apps without any investment.

1. Participating in Surveys

Online earning apps provide paid surveys, enabling users to earn by sharing their opinions and providing feedback on products and services.

2. Viewing Ads and Videos

if you want to earn dauly 100 rupees that this is alos the good option for you. there are many app which can paid you daily 100 rupees for watch ads and videos

3. Referral Programs

Many apps implement referral programs, allowing users to earn a commission by sharing the app link. Users can make money for every app download and new user sign-up that occurs through their referral link.

4. Participating in Contests

Some apps organize contests and competitions for users. Engaging in these contests provides users with the opportunity to earn cash prizes. These contests not only test users’ knowledge but also reward them with cash for their participation.

5. Completing Micro Tasks

Certain apps enable users to earn cash by completing small tasks, such as data entry and app testing.

Top 10 Best Daily 100 Rupees Earning Apps Without Investment

1. Fantasy Khiladi Ludo – Money Earning Game

Fantasy Khiladi Ludo stands out as one of the premier Ludo games in India, offering a money-earning opportunity with daily prizes of up to Rs 20 lakh. The app features four distinct modes: Timer Mode, Classic Mode, Popular Mode, and Crush Mode, each with its unique rules and features to enhance the Ludo-playing experience.

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Modes of Fantasy Khiladi Ludo Money Earning App:
  • Timer Mode: A timed mode lasting 6 minutes where the player with the highest points wins.
  • Classic Mode: Standard Ludo mode where players compete to reach the home base first.
  • Popular Mode: Easier to win, requiring a player to bring one of their four tokens to the home base first.
  • Crush Mode: A battle Ludo mode where players aim to crush opponents’ tokens and reach the home base.
Special Features of Fantasy Khiladi Ludo
  • Lowest Commission Rate: The app boasts a minimal commission rate compared to other Ludo gaming apps.
  • Instant Withdrawal: Users can instantly withdraw their earnings through bank or UPI transfers.
  • Referral Bonus: The app provides a referral code for users to earn extra cash by referring it to friends and family.
  • Sign-up Bonus: Users receive a Rs 5 sign-up bonus upon completing the registration process.
  • Spin to Win: Daily chances to win gifts using the spin-to-win feature.
  • Cashback Offer: Users receive cashback as a reward each time they add money to Fantasy Khiladi.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: The app ensures round-the-clock customer support for assistance with games or any issues.
  • 100% Genuine: Fantasy Khiladi Ludo is verified as 100% genuine, ensuring fairness in the money-earning game in India.

Download the FK Ludo app and earn real cash 

Fantasy Khiladi Ludo AppClick Here
Daily Earning20 Lakh +
Joining BonusRs. 5 Joining Bonus
Referral Code425934
Refer BonusUp to 20,000
Downloads1M+ users

2. FlashEarn – Money Earning Apps

FlashEarn stands out as a preferred option among daily 100 rupees earning apps with no upfront investment. This app enables users to play games online, offering the chance to earn anywhere from Rs 100 to Rs 15000. Additionally, users have the opportunity to earn unlimited cash rewards through the app’s spin-the-wheel feature.


  • Variety of money-earning Paytm games
  • Earn by spinning the wheel
  • Earn from Rs 100-Rs15000 online daily by playing games and quizzes
  • Grab gift cards
App NameDetails
FlashEarnMoney earning apps
LinkDownload Now

3. Chillar

Chillar is widely recognized as one of the straightforward daily 100 rupees earning apps in India. Users have the opportunity to earn money by completing high-paying tasks on a daily basis. The Chillar app facilitates users in earning coins for each task accomplished, with a seamless transfer option to UPI and Paytm Wallet. Additionally, users can also earn money through the app’s wheel-spinning feature.


  • Earn by completing high-paying tasks
  • Earn rewards for regularly using the app
  • Spin the wheel and earn money
  • Earn by chiller coins which can be converted to UPI and Paytm wallet cash
  • Get 600 coins for every offer completed
  • Grab 10% extra money bonus through referral programs
App NameDetails
ChillarMoney Earning App
LinkDownload Now

4. Cashbuddy – Earn Wallet Cash

CashBud is featured among the top earning apps in India that require no initial investment. Users can earn immediate cash rewards by completing tasks. cashbuddy developed by Adways VC India Pvt. Ltd., stands as a premier online earning app without the need for investment. The app empowers users to accumulate unlimited free mobile recharge and wallet cash through the completion of straightforward microtasks. With this app, users can conveniently pay bills, book cab rides, purchase movie tickets, and indulge in online shopping.


  • Earn unlimited mobile recharges through micro-task completion
  • Get wallet cash of up to Rs 7000 daily by completing easy tasks.
  • The referral program allows to earn Rs 160 daily
  • Watch trending and viral pocket videos to earn
  • Grab deals and coupons
  • Play Tambola, Shop online and earn
  • Get exclusive discounts and cashback on ecommerce, food, entertainment and travel
App NameDetails
CashbuddyEarn Wallet Cash
LinkDownload Now

5. valued Opinion

Valued Opinion has established itself as a swift and dependable earning system. Users have the opportunity to earn 100 rupees online without any upfront investment while also reaping monetary benefits by participating in surveys and sharing their opinions. Valued Opinion features innovative surveys, and users receive rewards for each survey they engage in. The app serves as a platform for brands to stay abreast of current consumer trends.


  • Opportunity to earn by taking surveys
  • Earn by sharing valuable opinions
  • Extensive range of surveys
  • User-friendly interface
App NameDetails
Valued OpinionPaid Surveys Online in India
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6. GlowRoad

GlowRoad, an Amazon company, is recognized as one of the leading daily 100 rupees earning apps without any upfront investment. Positioned as India’s largest social commerce app, GlowRoad provides users with the opportunity to both resell and purchase high-quality products. With over 300+ categories available for selling and buying products, the app has gained the trust of 6 lakh resellers across India. It offers a platform for housewives, women entrepreneurs, students, businessmen, boutique owners, and beauticians to earn money through product reselling.


  • Earn by reselling products
  • More than 300+ categories for reselling and purchasing
  • Lowest price in India
  • High-quality products
  • Free shipping across India
  • Most trusted and 4.5 rated app
App NameDetails
GlowRoadResell & Earn Online
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7. Premise – Earn Money for Tasks

Premise is an online earning app without any upfront investment, boasting over 1 crore downloads on the Play Store. This app provides users with the opportunity to earn by participating in surveys and sharing valuable location information, including local store product pricing, location details, and pictures of various places. Additionally, users can unlock top rewards by exploring the city through the app.


  • Earn money by sharing community updates
  • Earn by sharing insights, photos and real time information of city
  • Earn money by sharing information of local store products prices and traffic jams
  • Multiple earning options available
App NameDetails
PremiseEarn Money for Tasks
LinkDownload Now
8. StreetBees

StreetBees is featured among the popular and trustworthy 100 Rupees earning apps without any investment, offering payouts in pounds. Users of the StreetBees app are required to view available stories, and for each story viewed, they have the opportunity to earn £5.

  • The app has 4.1 rating on play store and has more than 10 lahks download
  • View stories to earn money
  • Get up to £5 for every story viewed
  • Get paid to chat and share opinions on various brands
App NameDetails
StreetBeesearning cash rewards
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9. Wonk

Wonk is a highly sought-after daily 100 rupees earning app that requires no initial investment. The app provides users with the opportunity to earn free income by offering tutoring services. Users can not only earn but also enhance their teaching skills through the platform. Individuals with graduation degrees, subject matter expertise, and knowledge of online teaching tools can leverage the app to earn additional income.


  • Earn Rs 100-Rs 1000 per hour for tutoring
  • Enhances tutoring skills
  • Wide range of subjects and categories to teach
  • Online tutoring mode connects students across the globe
App NameDetails
WonkThe Wonk App is programmed as best Earning App in the market.
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10. Dosh: Earn cash back everyday

Dosh is a cashback-earning app that enables users to earn 100 rupees online without any upfront investment. To earn cashback rewards, users simply need to link their debit or credit card to the Dosh app.

To utilize the app, users are required to undergo a qualification test. Once they successfully qualify, they can explore websites, write comments, and perform simple tasks to earn money. Upon completion of the qualification test, the user is credited with Rs 500.

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